Protective Underwear

2014, The Netherlands, Design Academy Eindhoven

Looking at the obstacles faced by the ageing population, Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten challenged incontinence, a key problem of daily life that can negatively impact quality of life and mental well-being. Disposable adult diapers do nothing to address the emotional side of dealing with incontinence and are an unsustainable solution. By developing washable textile protective underwear, she researched the stigma of the daily living aid and how designers could re-think the experience of an aid. This topic was approached through inclusive design principles where the needs of a wider audience are considered, irrespective of age or ability and understood further using active participatory methodologies such as interviews, experience and observation. Graphics done in collaboration with Juliette Pepin. Photography in collaboration with Catharina Kousbroek.Yarn in collaboration with Artofil. 

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Video by Robert Andriessen for Connecting the Dots