Pocket a Pump

Research project aimed at understanding how people living with Diabetes type one can further integrate the insulin pump into daily life. Current solutions in the shape of Velcro pocket belts, bra clips, plastic clip are uncomfortable and designed for everyone in mind. However, why can’t this daily experience be more personal?

Pocket a Pump is a simple low-tech system to personalize clothing with the aim of further integrating the insulin pump with clothing. Have you ever thought to yourself, ah it would be great to have a small pocket here? Well why not. To do this simple get yourself some: Scissors, adhesive iron on paper, fabric and garment. Next try out these steps:

1.     Cut a small fabric rectangle the size of a pocket

2.     Cut three thick strips of adhesive iron on paper

3.     Iron on strips on to fabric rectangle

4.     Take of paper backing (like a sticker) on adhesive paper

5.     Iron on pocket to garment of choice

6.     Allow the adhesive to cool down before using

At the end you should have an ironed on pocket to place your pump into. This can be on the inside of clothing if you prefer to hide it, or on the outside if you are keen to trigger conversation on the subject. Stretchy fabric and cotton works especially well but just give it a try.

In the end, this proposal is a system design rather than a specific product. It is aimed to become a long term solution that can inspire people with Diabetes to appropriate and adapt it to their daily life.

Special thank you to Marijke Maes for sharing her experience, insight and sharp tips keeping it real.

Part of the project 'Design op Maat' with Katrien Dressen and Jessica Schoffelen.

Carried out by Social Spaces Research Group / FabLab Genk / LUCA School of Arts / KU Leuven 

A project funded by OPAK.