Rent a Trolley

2013, The Netherlands, Design Academy Eindhoven

Rent-a-Trolley is a proposed bike trailer borrowing system to be implemented within the Design Academy Eindhoven community to help students transport goods from around Eindhoven to their workspaces, and is a collaboration with Joan Vellve Rafecas.

Alongside borrowing a tripod from the digital workshop, why not borrow a bike trolley? This new system and product would help students transport large pieces of wood, metal, up to A2 sheets of paper or prototypes by bike. This in turn would encourage and help students keep the shared workspace clear and improve their relationship with the concierge, administra- tion, workshop technitian and other students for whom this is an issue. Branded with the DAE identity students using the system will further incorporate and visualise the presence of the academy within the Eindhoven community.